Brands: Emco

Emco Tech

Established date: 1970
Jupiter Doong Yang Science: 1982 [over 30 years in the water ionizer field]

Products: Medical equipment, filters, and water purifiers

Head office/ factory location: 163-3 Dodang-dong Wonmi-gu Bucheon Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Research and manufacturing factory in Japan.

Related Companies: Dong Yang Bio Valley, IonPia, IonLife, Winia System, Dong Yang, Ionia, Jupiter Science, Emco Tech

OEM Jupiter Companies : Hyundai, LG, Samsung, Toyo Industries

Integrity and Reliability:

Emco Tech has been the world’s leading manufacturer of alkaline water ionizers for over 30 years. Emco continues to lead with the lowest return/repair rate in the industry and a Research Department with over 20 PhDs on staff — far ahead of imitators in the field.

Strong focus on technology development:

Over 20 patents, plus registration of many new designs

Over 30 water ionizers developed
10 hot and cold water ionizer patents applied for
International certificates such as:
ULC (U.S. and Canada safety certificate) obtained
CE (European safety certificate) obtained
JIS (Japanese safety certificate) obtained
FDA health device safety certificate
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certificates
Industies first Good Manufacturing Practice certificate
Industrial Medal of Merit (from Japanese Emperor)
Approval for medical equipment manufacturing – Ministry of Health and Welfare


Brand name and Manufacturer: EMCO TECH
World leaders with exports to over 30 countries in the world.
Production plant largest in Asia – able to manufacture over 100,000 units a month
Chosen by Tennant Co., a global leader in the design and manufacturer of cleaning equipment (see here)


  • Industrial Medal of Merit (Japanese Emperor)
  • Chosen by Hankook Ilbo (Korean Newspaper) best product award
  • Chosen by Sports Seoul as best product award
  • Chosen by GOOD DAY Best Product Award
  • Chosen by Hankook Ilbo (Korean Newspaper) Customer Satisfaction and Top Quality Award
  • Most Promising Medium Sized Business Award (Corporation for the Promotion of Medium Sized Business)
  • Kyunggi Medium Sized Business Award (Kyunggi Area Medium Sized Business Corporation)
  • Most Promising Medium Sized Export Business Award (Corporation for the Promotion of Medium Sized Business)
  • New Specialized Technology Venture Business Award (Kyunggi Area Medium Sized Business Corporation)
  • First Industry Water Ionizer Manufacturing 1 Million Dollar Export Tower Award
  • Secretary of Health Award
  • Chinese health permit
  • Best Health Device Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP) Certificate
  • Korean President Commendation
  • Venture Business Award( New Technology Business)
  • Family Industry Business Assignment (Corporation for the Promotion of Medium Sized Business)
  • Business Foundation Environmental Technical Research Office Permission (Korean Business Promotion Society)

Jupiter Science Patents

  • Conversion valve for water ionizer 2002. 2. 5 Application Number 0006454
  • Electrolytic cell with water ionizer
  • Conversion device 2001.8. 29 Registration Number 0308448
  • Circulative electrolytic solution producer with propeller 2002 11. 29 Application Number 0035692
  • Ionized cool and hot water producer 2002. 11. 29 Application Number 0035693
  • Electrolytic cell that produces Sterilized water 2002.11. 29 Application Number 0035694
  • Portable water ionizer 2000. 9. 28 Registration Number 0206115
  • Conversion valve for water ionizer 2000. 3. 5 Application Number 0171338
  • Conversion valve for water ionizer 1999. 12. 3 Application Number 0171338
  • Conversion valve connection mouth for water cooler / heater 1997. 11. 26 Registration Number 0114306
  • Water dispenser after ionizing 1991. 8. 6 Registration Number 0060332
  • Water ionizer mounting water supply handling) 2002. 11. 29 Application Number 0034169
  • Ionized water mounting (Filter mounting) 2002.11. 29 Application Number 0034177
  • Conversion valve for water ionizer 2000. 5. 18 Registration Number 0022154
  • Body of electrolytic cell for water ionizer 1995.5. 23 Registration Number 001296
  • Water supply distribution panel for water ionizer 1995. 5. 23 Registration Number 001295
  • Body of water cooler / heater 1992. 10. 23 Registration Number 017160

Emco Tech water ionizers were the first CE approved water ionizers on the USA and are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production plant capable of producing over 100,000 units a month.

Important things to consider about the manufacturerName of ionizerIonWays MelodyIonWays AthenaKYK HarmonyEnagicTMLife Ionizer 7500Tyent 7070
ManufacturerEmco TechEmco TechYiShan / KYKEnagicUnknownTae Young
How long making water ionizers?About 30 yearsAbout 30 years4 yearssince 20003 years2 years
How long in US14 years2 years3 yearssince 2003Less than one year1+ year
Manufacturer or Assembler?ManufacturerManufacturerAssemblerManufacturerAssemblerAssembler
True R&D; Capability?YesYesNoNot shownNoNo
Quality Assurance CertificationISO9001 & 14001 and CEISO9001 & 14001 and CENoneISO9001 & 14001 and CEUnknownUnknown
Safety Certifications?UL; CSA; RoHSUL; CSA; RoHSUnknownUL & ULCNoneNone
Verifiable (can you find them?)ionlifeionizers.comroyalwater.comkykok.co.krenagic.comishenpix.co.krtyent.co.kr
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