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The importance of understanding the Cleaning Cycle

You are considering purchasing an alkaline water ionizer to enjoy the many benefits that result from the transformation of water through ionization. It’s a fact that an ionizer’s ability to create this alteration can suffer over time from mineral scaling on the electrodes.

Here’s what happens in the process: Water has naturally occurring minerals. These minerals will build up on the electrodes over time. (The electrode is the piece of equipment in your ionizer that transforms the water.) Mineral build up, or scaling “coats” the surface of the electrode, if your cleaning system is not effective – decreasing its ability to transform the water. The compromised electrode doesn’t efficiently transform the water, robbing you of the benefits.

Ionizers all have cleaning systems, but they are all different. Understanding what type of cleaning cycle has is crucial to making an informed purchase. It will determine your ionizer’s performance over time. Understanding the differences is easy.

The type of cleaning cycle also has a marked impact on the convenience in using a particular ionizer.

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Cleaning System / frequency / convenienceName of ionizerIonWays MelodyIonWays AthenaKYK Harmony 9040EnagicTM SD501Life Ionizer 7500Tyent 7070
Cleaning type / frequencyAutomatic Post Use / each time usedDARC System / each time usedSimple Reverse Polarity / 30 seconds per 12 hoursSimple Reverse Polarity / 30 seconds every 15 galsnone, website says to call customer serviceRTR (Real Time Refresh) automatic washing of electrolytic tank
Eliminates Mineral scaling on plates
Do you have to wait while cleaning?NoNoYesYesYesYes
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